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Assembly Programs

Fonziba's school assemblies are one of the most interactive programs students (and teachers!) will ever encounter. Everyone present becomes fully engaged in this exhilarating experience of African drumming and culture and leaves feeling uplifted and energized.

From the moment Fonziba hits the stage, the magic of her African drumming pulls the entire audience into the irresistible, upbeat vibes. Within minutes she has thirty kids on stage playing her African hand-drums and booming bass drums. Their thunderous rhythms completely electrify the rest of the students.

Without missing a beat, Fonziba draws in the entire audience by teaching them a variety of body percussion rhythms to play along with the drummers. She takes the exuberance up another notch by teaching African dance steps to about twenty students and then inviting volunteers to come up and create free-style dance solos to the drumming. Everyone learns an African call-and-response song and, by the end of the show, every single person is moving and grooving to the tribal beat!

Before coming to a school, Fonziba sends her lively
, "Gifts from Mother Africa", for all the students to watch before she arrives. This video follows Fonziba on her journey to West Africa in 2003, where she studied with a master drummer and played with his drum troupe at weddings. During her stay, Fonziba lived with the master drummer's family, which gave her the special opportunity to film many aspects of daily life in a typical African home as well as the drumming at weddings. Students simply love this video and it gives a good cultural background for Fonziba’s assembly program.

Assembly Option #1: Fonziba arrives early and teaches a pre-selected group of thirty students how to drum about one hour before the assembly. This group performs with her for the entire show. In most cases, the
students help Fonziba set up for the performance in the assembly hall first and then learn to drum there.

Assembly Option #2: Fonziba takes thirty students from the audience during the assembly program and teaches them how to drum while the rest of the students watch and clap along. This group continues to drum for the rest of the show.

Cost: $350 (plus travel expenses)
* Fonziba can tailor her programs to fit your school’s needs and budget.


Fonziba in assembly
Fonziba in assembly
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